Welcome to KomUnity

by Knotts Family Agency, building a community of happy, empowered, and successful resource parents.

About Us

KomUnity by Knotts Family Agency, is a members-only network and community of high performing foster and adoptive parents, who are fully committed to being the best parents possible. We are excited about reclaiming the positive image of foster parenting, and the opportunity to care for children.

KomUnity is designed to be a safe space for foster and adoptive parents to ask questions, get ideas, tips, resources, and support. The vision is happy, empowered, prosperous, and successful resource parents providing surrogate care.

Come on in. Engage here with us. We can't wait for your contributions to the growth of all members.

Why You Should Join

  • Be a pioneering member of the first community by and for foster and adoptive parents, intentionally designed for meaningful transformation.
  • Increase your knowledge about fostering and adoptions, without the fear of data being sold to the highest bidder or getting ads for products or services.
  • Develop mastery in successful parenting, including reducing and eliminating the pesky and frustrating frivolous referrals, complaints, and allegations.
  • Enjoy a safe space to discuss all issues regarding foster care or adoptions. Only fellow foster and adoptive parents knows what the experience is like.
  • Participate in a community of like-minded people, who experience similar frustrations and joys as you do, while serving as foster or adoptive parents.

What are the benefits

  • Access to high quality on-demand training and resources, delivered via the web or the powerful Mighty Network app. You will have access to podcasts, videos, articles, and live presentations with experts in the field and fellow resource parents.
  • Receive mentoring and support from peer resource parents and expert staff.
  • Peace of mind knowing that only vetted participants are admitted as members, which addresses the concern for bullying or other inappropriate behavior so common in the typical forums.
  • Rewards for actively posting and participating in discussions.
  • A team of Parent Success Specialists, dedicated to your success.

Thank you, thank you for joining KomUnity by Knotts Family Agency. Together we will elevate the perception of foster parenting and what it means to be an effective and successful parent. 

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